Policies and Privacy Notice

The following policies and risk assessments can be found at The Vicarage, Church Road, Potten End, HP4 2QY (the house next door to the Church Room):

  • Promoting a Safer Church document                            
  • Protecting All God’s Children document 
  • Promoting a Safe Church document         
  • Safer Recruitment policy                                 
  • Recruitment of ex-offenders’ policy       
  • Lone working policy
  • Conflicts of interest policy
  • Complaints policy and procedure                              
  • PCC trusteeship eligibility                                          
  • PCC HMRC ‘fit and proper’ declarations
  • Health and Safety self-assessment
  • Health and Safety risk assessment

If you wish to view them, please email: vicar@holytrinitypottenend.org.uk or call: 01442 865217.

All other Church policies (including safeguarding, GDPR and Health & Safety) can be found in the church porch.

Data Privacy Notice

To view our policy relating to GDPR and how we use/store personal information please view the document below: